Our services

Our services include dealing with and selling gemstones beginning with the sourcing of rough gemstones and continuing through the cutting, polishing, faceting and carving. One of our significant benefits is that we can obtain gemstones of exceptional brilliance at the most advantageous cost. We transform raw crystals into polished, transparent, and brilliant gemstones. Our team of specialists is incredibly knowledgeable and competent in performing their tasks for cutting, polishing, faceting and carving the gemstones.


In the process of gemstone cutting, raw crystal is transformed into the polished, transparent, and brilliant gemstones that most individuals are familiar with. Through this method, the stone’s shape is also determined. The cut and shape of a gemstone are the two most important factors in determining how well its other characteristics (colour, clarity, and brightness) are displayed. 

Our expert lapidaries are delighted to cut, polish, and repair natural gemstones according to your specifications. Our skilled craftsmen have worked with precious gemstones. Please feel free to ask us any questions as we’ll be pleased to help you explore all the opportunities.

Gemstones and diamonds’ fire and sparkle all derive from how well it was cut. The cut quality of a diamond is the most important factor in determining its overall attractiveness and beauty. The Gemcraft lapidary’s goal is always to enhance the stone’s finest attributes while dismissing any flaws or defects that can be observable.

The Gem Craft lapidary Ltd is always seeking the best possible balance between the gemstone’s attractive appearance and its ability to maintain its original dimensions. When it refers to the cut of a gemstone, you have numerous alternatives to choose from, and in this section, we will go through the most prevalent ones so that you can easily navigate your options.

Asscher Cut: integrating features of the princess cut and the emerald cut

Baguette Cut: it is long and rectangular and frequently used for accent stones because of its eye-catching appearance. 

Cushion Cut: emphasise the raw gem’s shine and brilliance with its softly rounded edges.

Emerald Cut: has the effect of highlighting both the cut and the colour of the stone, since the Emerald Cut allows the colour to stand out more prominently than with other cuts.

Oval Cut: Offers the brilliance and fire of round-cut diamonds with a distinctive shape.

Some other cuts include

  • Marquise Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Round Cut
  • Trillion Cut


Polishing is a technique used by our professionally skilled craftsmen to enable the gemstone’s surface to feel smooth and intensify its colours. The process of polishing allows the human eye to penetrate certain gemstones, disclosing any internal inclusions.

The polishing process is essential for bringing a gemstone’s maximum brilliance. Polishing is one of the services offered by Gemcraft Lapidary, and it results in a shiny, reflective surface that brings out the stone’s natural beauty. Our Lapidary team gave quality attention to each gemstone. We constantly aim for the highest possible quality of the stone while keeping as much of the original weight as we can.

Smooth and Sparkling Polished Gemstones

A polished stone will sparkle because it will reflect the light. Polishing is an excellent technique for enhancing a gem’s shine and lustre. It has the potential to smooth out the gemstone’s surface and get rid of any scratches or imperfections. Enhancing the gemstone’s brilliance is another advantageous outcome of polishing. 

Each gemstone undergoes a rigorous process of cutting and polishing using progressively finer grits of a harder material. Diamond is used as an abrasive to carve and polish many different materials, particularly diamond itself, due to its Mohs hardness of 10. We can deal with raw and unpolished gemstones to uncover their natural beauty and brightness due to our network of knowledgeable and experienced polishers.

Our group can work with single stones in addition to cutting pairs, sets, and calibrated series of stones. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable and professional while carrying out their services for cutting and polishing gemstones. We take a lot of pride in the fact that our polished gemstones are of the highest possible quality. The natural form of the rough stone is always considered while choosing each pattern to ensure a flawless alignment to the natural shape of the gemstone.


Faceting refers to the precise cuts and precise angles that are used to stimulate internal reflection all across the gemstone, as well as to encourage a significant amount of brilliance and sparkle, and to present the colour of the gemstone in the best possible light.

These cuts reflect light in all directions, giving the stone a brilliant shine. The majority of stones can be cut into facets; however, this is only appropriate for certain hardness levels of stones because the facets would wear out rapidly otherwise.

We can facet any precious or semiprecious stones, in addition to heat treating and faceting over 12,000 sapphires annually. Garnets, topaz, amethyst, citrine, and sunstone are among the stones that we routinely facet. We offer two different alternatives.

Our Overseas cutting service is by far the most ideal alternative for cutting sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones of average and smaller sizes. Gemstones are faceted to uncover their natural characteristics, such as colour, transparency, fire, and brightness, which can be perceived and appreciated that would otherwise be masked.

The types of Gemstone Facets include mains, table facets, break facets, star facets, pavilion facets, culet and keel. Some of the precious faceted gemstones include diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire while the semi-precious faceted gemstones offered by us comprise Alexandrite, Amethyst, Ametrine, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Garnet, Green Amethyst, Iolite, Padparadscha, Peridot, Prasiolite, Rock Crystal, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline and Zircon.

Our craftsmen are pleased to discuss the possibilities with you regarding your gemstone. Faceting can be carried out using a variety of cuts. The brilliant, emerald, princess, and fancy cuts are the most renowned. Many different fancy cuts can be created and we can make the following cuts: heart shapes, trillion, kite, Portuguese, and chequerboard. We ensure the high quality and enhanced characteristics of the gemstones.


Carving is the process of shaping a piece of a gemstone by utilizing a variety of diamond-plated tools to create a certain shape, such as an animal, flowers, inlay design, watch, sculpture, cameo, or flute design. The most recognisable form of lapidary art is carving, which can range from a simple letter or symbol carved into a stone to intricate designs that showcase the artist’s talent. There are three primary phases to gemstone carving. Beginning with the grinding stage, continuing to the sanding step, and culminating with the polishing stage is the order of operations. 

It assures that the surface of the gemstone will be polished to a significant level. The end product will make the gemstone sparkle and shine like never before. The free-form nature of the sculpting performed on a raw gem leaves considerable room for artistic interpretation and innovation.

Three-dimensional sculpture, bass relief sculpture, realistic human figures, shifts in monochromatic characteristics, coats of arms design, carving reliefs, and shading methods are all highly valued in contemporary gemstone carving, which reflects the values of the present mindset.

The surfaces of the carvings are smoothed to the extent that the stone almost seems like a mirror reflecting the carving. The figure is carved out of stone, instead of the background; therefore the embossing is done on the reverse side.

Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd is delighted to take custom orders and provide maintenance for your precious gemstone carvings. Gemstones can be carved and engraved to your specifications using diamond-plated instruments. Our staff of lapidaries has been tasked with repairing a wide variety of carvings that have suffered damage, including musical instruments and models of aircraft. We provide customised gemstones with high quality, clarity, brilliance and authenticity to customers through our carving services, which enable us to fulfil the personalised requirements of clients.