Owner and CEO

Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd

The story of Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd begins with an ambitious man’s fascination with rocks. Following my enthusiasm, I have travelled the world with my knowledge to eventually build up my firm which is now a very recognisable brand. In addition to supplying and working in conjunction with some of the world’s top companies; the company has also fostered many outstanding working relationships and alliances with smaller high street merchants and individual jewellery designers, particularly in Europe, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

For the past 17 years, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the industry’s leading authority on precious gemstones. Our expert gemmologist professionals frequently collect the stones directly from the source, be it a mine in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Colombia, or anywhere else in the world. In addition, they guarantee that each gem is of the highest quality and suitable for use in exquisite jewellery.

Owner and CEO of Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd

Explore the remarkable and captivating world of valuable gems

We have vast expertise in bringing and structuring unique treasures from the mining sites for your acquisition. We provide our customers with a convenient, fast, and effective way of finding gemstones.

We primarily deal in high-quality natural gemstones. While sourcing gemstones, we strive for distinctive features such as colour, purity and lustre, cutting, source and treatments or modifications. Witnessing our stones being used by world-renowned jewellery designers is a fascinating, memorable and certainly highly satisfying experience. Natural gemstones, fine-coloured gemstones and fancy diamonds are our areas of expertise.

Customized Services

When designing jewellery, we consider the requirements of the customer and pay particular attention to their desires.  We present them with a range of options that are customized to their financial constraints and aesthetic preferences, and then we design and create the piece of their choice by collaborating with some of the most reputable jewellers in the United Kingdom.

Experts in Gemstone Dealing

Our expert team, incredible history and global connections in the gemstone industry enable us to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. We are committed to going the extra mile for each of our customers and providing the same high-quality service to each of them.

In the last few decades, Gemcraft Lapidary has crafted magnificent and remarkable pieces that demonstrate the competence and passion of our skilled craftsmen and the captivating creative abilities of our in-house designers. 

We provide reliable expert appraisals of gemstones. Every piece of gemstone we carved comes with a valuation. Each year we make a concerted effort to travel to the world’s most significant gemstone mines and exhibitions. Due to this, we can offer extremely feasible pricing, which helps us to maintain a high level of competitiveness within our sector.

All of our gemstones are handcrafted in London to exhibit the natural beauty of the rare and exquisite stones that we collect from all around the world.

Why Choose Us?

  • We promise value.
  • We promise the quality
  • We promise the authenticity
  • We value customer’s requirements