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Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd

Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd is an authorised gemstones dealer in the United Kingdom and provides an efficient and reliable service focused on offering natural gemstones to fulfil the specific requirements outlined by our clients.

The Natural Gemstone

Natural Gemstones are formed in their natural setting without any human intervention. They can originate from a wide range of chemical components and develop in a wide range of conditions. However, they are not treated or altered in any way. 

Natural gemstones are a spectacular way to convey your story and express who you are, and we consider there should be no compromise when it regards the quality of natural gemstones. Natural gemstones are a representation of your personality. 

Our in-house collection of natural gemstones is a perfect example of our skilled craftsmanship, which features a strong sense of taste, refinement, and current fashion trends. All of the natural gemstones we sell at Gemcraft Lapidary are exceptional in terms of their beauty, rarity, and value.

Our business is aware of the reasons people choose natural gemstones, it is imperative for us that the stones must be able to reflect the same amount of light as the wearer’s character.



Our expert lapidaries are delighted to cut, polish, and repair natural gemstones according to your specifications.


The polishing process is essential for bringing a gemstone’s maximum brilliance. Polishing is one of the services offered by Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd.


Faceting refers to the precise cuts and precise angles that are used to stimulate internal reflection all across the gemstone.

Customers reviews

The goshenite stone that I purchased from your store is absolutely stunning. This gemstone has brightened my entire day. I greatly appreciate it. Thank God, I decided to purchase from you.
Hello Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd, the beautiful sphene which I have purchased from you is fabulous. It's a gorgeous green, all sparkle, vibrant and coloured, unquestionably worthy of storage. Warmest regards.
The ruby gemstone that you have carved for me is beautiful and up to my expectations. I couldn't be more grateful. Such high-quality rubies in your store and your professional services have really inspired me.