Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions at Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd including inquiries about the showroom, business opening hours, natural authentication, most popular and best-selling gemstones, beneficial gemstones for investment, certification, payment method, return policy and selling gemstones. 

The queries regarding appropriate investment time, time for holding investment, and country of origin certification for gemstones are also addressed. Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd is considered one of the most prominent dealers of high-quality, untreated, and natural gemstones in London, United Kingdom.

Our showroom based in the UK features a whole range of our natural gemstones. We encourage you to visit our store for your purchases and you can discuss anything related to our gemstones with our team.

Our business opening hours are 10:00 am to 06:00 pm from Monday to Friday. However, we are always available on our website to assist you.

Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd is among the leading dealers of superior, untreated and naturally coloured gemstones in the United Kingdom. We are capable of obtaining gemstones of the very highest possible quality.

Our primary focus is on natural coloured gemstones that have not been processed in any way. Our customers can take advantage of competitive pricing due to our practice of making purchases directly in the countries of origin.

Our products are certified to the very highest standards available anywhere in the globe. We have thirty years of experience in the business. We also conduct specialised and exclusive searches for a wide range of gemstones. We offers free consultation regarding selecting the appropriate gemstones type and design for you according to your needs and desires.

Our inventory consists exclusively of natural gemstones that have been extracted from the earth. We don’t sell any stones that were manufactured in a laboratory. All gemstones are authentic and guaranteed to be as described. Even though certain gemstones may have been treated to improve their appearance, we mentioned all treatments for each gemstone in full transparency on the gemstone description pages.

Ruby, spinel, tourmaline, and sapphire continue to be our most popular gemstones year after year. In addition, we sell a considerable amount of garnet, particularly spessartite, along with topaz, numerous variations of quartz, amethyst, citrine, ametrine, and opal in a variety of different forms.

Gemstones that have not been treated to alter their colour or appearance, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are more beneficial for financial investments. Diamonds are also a great long-term investment opportunity. Tourmaline, alexandrite, and tanzanite would be wonderful additions to your collection.

Gemstones are increasingly in high demand and are a popular choice for portfolio diversification and rank among the most demanded substitute investments. In addition, for several thousands of years, gemstones have been considered valuable assets.

The value of coloured gemstones has been rising at a rate of 4 to 8 percent annually over the past several years, and further price increases are anticipated in the context of the current economic state. Therefore, it is the right time for you to invest in gemstones.

Untreated, natural coloured gemstones have value as a long-term investment and diversification strategy. Due to their stability against inflation, they represent an excellent real investment. Their worth as a renewable resource will never be zero. The recommended holding period for coloured gemstones as an investment is approximately four to five years, while for diamonds it is twenty years or more.

The majority of our gemstones are certified but if you chose to buy one that wasn’t, we would be able to get it certified for you within two to three business days. Therefore, you would be able to get a certification of your gemstone on your purchase.

We can certainly provide you with comprehensive details regarding your gemstone at your request. You can discuss all the details with our team at our store. 

We can certainly provide you with comprehensive details regarding your gemstone at your request. You can discuss all the details with our team at our store. 

Additional photos and details can be provided upon request.

We accept payments in all forms, whether cash, through the credit card and the debit card, all of these are accepted for payment at the Gemcraft Lapidary store.

Our primary focus is to satisfy our customers; therefore, we are glad to offer a seven-day return period on all gemstones in case you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase. Hence, if within seven days of receipt, you are displeased with your gemstone, you can return it for cash back but the gemstone must be in its original, undistorted and uncracked condition. Our return policy includes no additional queries and no additional fees for returns.

Since in the past, we have been able to retrieve those costs from the credit or debit card processors, we always granted full refunds following returns with no additional fees. Unfortunately, due to recent regulation adjustments implemented by the banks, we are no longer able to maintain that practice because the credit card processors no longer refund charges to us.

Refunds will now be reduced by five per cent to account for credit card fees. However, to demonstrate our gratitude for our loyal customers, we will give you store credit for the five per cent charges, which you can use to buy gemstones in the future.

Gem Craft Lapidary Ltd would be delighted to make you an offer on your gemstones, and we welcome the opportunity to repurchase gemstones that have been previously traded. Customers can also take advantage of the consignment sales.