Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Stone

Ruby Stone is a precious red color gemstone of the Corundum family. Rubies are often related as a sign of wealth and prosperity. The deep red color of the ruby’s stone expresses the significance of love, passion, and raw emotion. Rubies are the traditional July birthstone. They are among the most precious gems. The hardness of this gem is almost as great as diamonds. The jewel of ruby is an extremely strong stone.

Rubies rank 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, placing them just below diamonds and moissanite. It is found in a variety of colors from pink to blood-red, light red, and brownish-red. There are three kinds of gemstones – rubies, sapphires, and emeralds – but rubies are one of the rarest. Most people love to buy Ruby stones as jewels because they believe that rubies hold the drops of Mother Earth’s blood. 

Ruby gemstones are auspicious and are believed to bring luck and success to those who wear them. The majority of customers buy rubies on the recommendation of Vedic astrology. According to them, worn ruby stones help a person in achieving success.

Energy, creativity, loyalty, honor, and compassion have all been linked to it if a person wears a stone ruby. Most of the customers wear Ruby because they think she is protective of their home, possessions, and family. According to researchers, the wearer of Ruby brings spiritual wisdom and shielding against psychic attacks.

Rubies are valued for their color, cut, and clarity, along with their carat weight. Among rubies of similar quality, blood-red, or pigeon blood is the most valuable and brightest shade. A ruby that is clear and has no needle-like rutile inclusions may indicate it has been treated, similar to a diamond with a clear stone.

Ruby doesn’t scratch easily unless you use a diamond, which is rated a 9 on the Mohs scale. The harder the gemstone or imitation, the more likely it is to scratch. By scratching the ruby with a coin, you can identify its fakeness. So hence we can say that we can’t scratch gemstone ruby with keys or coins.

Rubies have record prices of over $1,000,000 per carat, making them some of the most valuable gemstones. Ruby gems are generally rarer and pricier than diamonds of comparable size. Smaller sapphires are more common than small, gem-quality rubies. This has resulted in relatively high ruby values even in small stones. Custom cutters rarely get their hands on rough rubies because they are tightly controlled.

The pieces of the native stone may occasionally be recut to custom proportions, although the weight and diameter will be reduced. It is generally true that recut or custom-cut stones are worth more per carat than native or commercial stones.

Even though some rubies are incredibly valuable and can command extraordinary prices, most rubies are considerably cheaper than diamonds of the same size. For engagement rings or other jewelry, rubies are an appealing alternative to diamonds due to their lower price. Sunrise Ruby is the world’s most valuable ruby.

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